AUDI A3 – Engine Comparison
From EUR 419 excluding tax/month (*)

AUDI A3 – Engine Comparison

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Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid? This is the question that many of you are asking yourselves! We answer this question in this test where we compare three Audi A3 cars fitted with these different types of engine. And to complete our test, we will soon be back with a hybrid vs. electric comparison.

If it was already difficult to choose between the numerous petrol and diesel engines offered for the Audi A3, the four-rings brand now offers the Audi A3 e-Tron version, a hybrid car that can be recharged using mains electricity.

So how can you choose the engine that best suits your needs? Which Audi A3 is right for you?

This exceptional test drive compares three Audi A3 cars fitted with different engines:

  • a petrol Audi A3 1.4L TFSI 150hp with manual gearbox
  • a diesel Audi A3 1.6L TFSI 110hp with manual gearbox
  • a hybrid Audi A3 e-Tron S-tronic fitted with a 1.4L TFSI 150hp petrol engine and a 102hp Lithium-ion electric motor.

Tested on the road, motorway and in urban areas, we compare criteria such as driving comfort, fuel consumption, practical aspects (including range) and the cost of these three cars. We reveal their advantages and disadvantages so as to enable you to choose the engine that is most appropriate to your driving style and your needs.

The rechargeable hybrid Audi A3 e-Tron has a twin engine. It includes a high-capacity battery that enables it to alternate between fully-electric driving for ranges up to 50 km, and combustion engine driving when the driver exceeds a certain speed or the electric battery is dead. Recharging is the same as for an electric car, using an external energy source. The Audi A3 e-Tron needs between two and four hours’ charging time depending on whether the vehicle is plugged into a fast-recharging station or a domestic power socket. As a clean car with low CO2 emissions, Luxembourg tax savings (benefit in kind under a leasing contract) are even more attractive for this rechargeable hybrid car than for vehicles fitted only with a diesel or petrol combustion engine.

Antonio da Palma Ferramacho from Carcoach test drove the three Audi A3 cars in Luxembourg, and was sponsored by ALD Automotive Luxembourg.

We would like to thank The Car’tell that allowed us to use its premises to reconstruct this test. This private club based in Hollerich enables its members who love beautiful cars, to drive superb racing cars that have made automobile history, including Cobra, Porsche, Lotus and even the Morgan 3-Wheeler.

Audi A3 1.4L TFSI – 150hp – Manual gearbox from EUR 419 excluding tax/month (*).
Audi A3 1.6L TDI – 110hp – Manual gearbox from EUR 425 excluding tax/month (*).

Hybrid Audi A3 e-Tron 150hp – S-tronic gearbox from EUR 520 excluding tax/month (*).

(*) Starting price, in the following configuration: 60-month operational leasing contract for 50,000km, fully comprehensive insurance, four winter tyres included, monthly lease payments.

Do you still have doubts? See our comparative test of Hybrid vs. Electric cars!

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